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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are transpiring to be the next big thing for advertising. More and more often,  small and medium size businesses are realizing what large corporations like Pepsi or Coke for example have known for a long time... fleet graphics get your product in front of your audience for the lowest CPM of any advertising medium.

For quite some time, only the big names in advertising could afford vehicle wraps. Screen printing several trailers or cars at a time was an economic way to brand an entire fleet of vehicles. But now with the newest technologies in printing and signage, that has all changed. Signs & More can create individual car wraps or small fleet wraps. We can individually a customize wrap for each car or trailer for the same price per vehicle that the big names were paying for in the past.

The average lifespan of 3-5 years, your graphic will be constantly exposed to thousands of people.

Benefit of a vehicle wrap

Mobile advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising. Over $1.5 billion spent last year on outdoor advertising alone.

On average the US population spends 2 hours per day on the road. Vehicle advertising generates up to 80,000 impressions a day/vehicle. Mobile advertising costs only a small percentage of TV, radio, print or conventional billboards.

You need your advertising dollars to go further and last longer. There is no better way of professionally stating who you are and what type of business you do. An affordable vehicle wrap allows you to directly and cost efficiently target your consumer market.

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